Therapeutic Antibody Discovery Services

Accurus Biosciences provides a comprehensive suite of services for discovery of therapeutic antibody leads. We are dedicated to helping our clients identify high affinity therapeutic antibodies with desired functions in a competitive timeline. 

We help our customers design the best form of antigens for animal immunization, including protein, whole cell, and DNA antigens. We have established a highly efficient electrofusion process for hybridoma generation and other robust technology platforms to streamline our antibody discovery program. We work closely with our customers to integrate effective screening strategies, including ELISA, ligand-receptor binding assays, and cell-based assays in the screening process to identify high affinity antibodies, blocking antibodies for both protein interactions and biological functions, or agonistic antibodies.

We can provide services as a complete package or services at any stage of the antibody discovery process.

  • Hybridoma antibody discovery
    • Antigen design and generation from target sequences
    • Design and production of screening reagents
    • Immunization using optimal routes and various immunogens (protein, cells, and/or DNA antigens)
    • Hybridoma fusion and screening by ELISA, FACS, or functional assays
    • Hybridoma sequencing and chimeric antibody production
    • Antibody affinity measurement by Biacore
  • Antibody humanization
  • Stable cell line generation
  • Recombinant antibody production

Therapeutic Antibody Discovery Services


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Antibody humanization
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Recombinant antibody transient production in HEK293
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Stable cell line generation
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