Antibody & Protein Engineering Services

Accurus Biosciences provides a wide range of antibody and protein engineering solutions to optimize your antibody leads or proteins.

Antibody Engineering

  • Expression optimization: to increase expression levels of your lead antibodies in CHO and HEK293 cells
  • "Hot spot" removal: to remove undesired amino acid residues in the antibody CDR regions or frameworks (FR). These residues include:
    • Unpaired cysteines
    • Exposed N-link glycosylation sites
    • Exposed deamidation sites
    • D-linked isomerization sites
    • Cleavage and hydrolysis sites
  • Effector function optimization: to optimize the Fc mediated effector functions, such as CDC, ADCC, and phagocytosis
  • Bispecific antibody designs and expression optimization: to design and produce bi-specific targeting molecules such as scFv-scFv, antibody-scFv, and heterodimeric IgGs. We use a high throughput CHO expression platform to evaluate the expression and functions of the bispecific molecules.

Protein Engineering

  • Protein half-life extension: to increase protein half-life in vivo
    • N-terminal and C-terminal Fc fusions
    • N-terminal and C-terminal human serum albumin (HSA) fusions
    • N-terminal and C-terminal fusion with synthetic PEGs
  • Protein mutagenesis: to optimize protein function and stability
  • Antibody-small protein fusions
  • Protein epitope tagging: to design and produce proteins with various detection and purification tags including Fc, poly His, FLAG, HA, and Myc tags

Antibody & Protein Engineering Services

ServiceCatalog NumberPrice
Antibody Engineering: expression optimizationE4001 Please inquire Inquire
Antibody Engineering: "hot spot" removal
E4002Please inquire
Antibody Engineering: effector functional optimization
E4003 Please inquire
Antibody Engineering: bispecific antibodies
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Protein Engineering: half-life extension E4005
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Protein Engineering: mutagenesis
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Protein Engineering: epitope tagging
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Protein Engineering: fusion protein production
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