Human TMIGD2-CHO-K1 Stable Cell Line

Catalog Number Product Size Price
C3049 Human TMIGD2-CHO-K1 Stable Cell Line 2 vials $3950 Order

Product Specifications

Catalog Number C3049
Cell Line Name Human TMIGD2-CHO-K1 Stable Cell Line
Accession Number NM_144615.3, with an N-terminal FLAG tag
Host Cell Adherent CHO-K1
Quantity Two vials of frozen cells (2x106 per vial)
Culture Medium DMEM with 10% FBS, 4 µg/ml puromycin
Freezing Medium 90% FBS and 10% DMSO
Storage Liquid nitrogen upon receipt
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Representative Data

Detection of human TMIGD2 expression on human TMIGD2-CHO-K1 stable cells using an anti-FLAG tag antibody (Accurus, #A1001), followed by staining with PE-anti mouse antibody.


TMIGD2 (Transmembrane and Immunoglobulin Domain Containing 2, CD28H, IGPR1, and IGPR-1), is a transmembrane protein that contains immunoglobulin-like domains. TMIGD2 is expressed on naïve T cells, memory T lymphocytes, tissue-resident T cells (TRMs), NK cells, plasmacytoid dendritic cells (PDCs), and innate lymphoid cells (ILCs). As an adhesion molecule, previous studies have shown that TMIGD2 plays a vital role in cell–cell interactions, cell migration, and angiogenesis. In immune responses, TMIGD2 binds to HHLA-2 to produce co-stimulatory and inhibitory processes, depending on their environment. Irregular expression of TMIGD2 has been associated with cancer progression as high levels may lead to increased proliferation, migration, invasion, and resistance to apoptosis in cancer cells.


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Li Y, Lv C, Yu Y, Wu B, Zhang Y, Lang Q, Liang Z, Zhong C, Shi Y, Han S, Xu F, Tian Y. KIR3DL3-HHLA2 and TMIGD2-HHLA2 pathways: The dual role of HHLA2 in immune responses and its potential therapeutic approach for cancer immunotherapy. J Adv Res. 47:137-150. 2023.

Boulhen C, AitSsi S, Benthami H, Razzouki I, Lakhdar A, Karkouri M, Badou A. TMIGD2 as a potential therapeutic target in glioma patients. Front Immunol. 14:1173518. 2023.