Antibody Humanization Services

Accurus Biosciences has established a highly efficient process for rodent and rabbit antibody humanization. We deliver humanized antibodies which retain full binding affinity and specificity as their parental antibodies. Our final humanized antibody will have optimized expression levels without any undesired residues in their CDR or framework (FR).

  • Detailed sequence analysis and 3D structure modeling
  • Identification of amino acid residues in the CDRs and FR critical for antigen binding
  • Identification of the best human germline sequence templates
  • Grafting the rodent or rabbit antibody CDR regions onto the human antibody frameworks
  • Identifying back-mutations
  • "Hot spot" removal
  • Designing humanized antibody heavy chain (3-5) and humanized antibody light chains (2-4)
  • High throughput expression analysis in HEK293 or CHO cells
  • Evaluating binding affinity and specificity of humanized antibodies by direct ELISA, FACS, and/or Biacore
  • Selecting 2-3 final humanized antibody candidates for CHO cell expression and cell line development

Antibody Humanization Services

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Antibody humanization, mouse monoclonal antibody E5001 Please inquire Inquire
Antibody humanization, rat monoclonal antibody E5002 Please inquire Inquire
Antibody humanization, rabbit monoclonal antibody E5003 Please inquire Inquire